Mixed Content Checker – Desktop software for finding mixed content and improving the security of your site!

The Migration of a website from http to https is associated with a lot of work and can end with a real security disaster.

When migrating to https, you may need to adjust your source code and database so that you do not produce mixed content about insecure http calls to images, videos, css, js, and so on.

After the completion, you want to check, whether you really thought of any changes. A manual check of the complete website via the browser is only useful for very small projects.

But what do you do if your site covers several thousand pages?

Save time with our automated solution:

Mixed Content Issues

Mixed Content Checker v. 2.0
Desktop software for the automated detection of issues on HTTPS pages!

After a check with “Mixed Content Checker” you get a list of all found issues with an exact statement of the insecure URL. This allows you to immediately begin cleaning the remaining errors.

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